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Sustainability means different things to different people, but to our family it’s a concept that’s been embraced at the Regusci Ranch for generations…

Long before sustainability became trendy or politically correct, my Grandfather, Giatano Regusci was a diverse farmer, starting first as a dairyman in 1892. As an entrepreneur, he purchased the home ranch in 1932 and moved into farming not only grapes, but livestock such as hogs, turkeys, chickens and beef cattle, as well as other agricultural commodities such as walnuts and prunes, not to mention a slaughterhouse, a retail meat shop and a dairy delivery service.  In fact, our family used to make cheese in what is now, the Heritage Room. As Napa Valley grapes became more prominent and fine wine began to take more of a presence on the world stage, many families in the valley lost their connection with the diverse aspects of agriculture that were once part of their daily lives. In our case, we did whatever it took to hold onto the ranch and today, we strive to maintain it to its full potential by respecting the land and the people that work with us, ultimately passing on the values of land stewardship and our agricultural heritage for generations to come.

Put simply, sustainability is an umbrella term for a number of environmentally friendly and socio-economically responsible practices. At the heart of sustainability is a commitment to the well being of our employees, the economic viability of our business, and most importantly, the health and vitality of the land and natural resources upon which we greatly depend. At Regusci Ranch, we have always implemented sustainable practices, not just on the 286 acres that surround us at the home ranch, but on the 2,200 acres we farm for others.

Some of our sustainable practices include:
• Strong Implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices
• Preventing pest problems with proper cultural practices such as canopy management, grapevine nutrition, proper site-selection and use of certified nursery stock
• Use of organically approved materials when applicable
• Release of beneficial insects and management of habitat for beneficial insects
• Close and careful monitoring of pests and disease pressures
• Diversification of Ranch
• Integration of culinary gardens, cut flowers, herbs, olives, fruit trees, walnuts and livestock
• Nutrient Cycling and Efficient Utilization of Structures
• Use of compost and cover crops to cycle nutrients
• Pasture rotation for livestock
• Use of tertiary (reclaimed) water
• Conserving winery water
• Recycling winery waste
• Earth sheltered structures built in 1878
• Social Responsibility and Economic Viability
• The main labor force at Regusci Ranch is considered family. The Perez family helped start the vineyard management company over 27 years ago and is still thriving with the company today
• Health benefits for employees (medical, vision, dental and 401(k) retirement)
• The Regusci family also actively gitves back to the community through various charities in the valley and across the country.
• Working over three generations, the Regusci family has sustained an economically viable business that supports employees year round and continues to contribute to the local, state and national economy.

Today, more than ever, at Regusci Ranch, we genuinely embrace sustainable farming practices because it’s not only the right thing to do, but we’ve done it forever. We also truly believe this philosophy gives our wines the fullest expression of our valley’s history, our family’s heritage and promotes the exceptional terroir of the Stages Leap District.
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