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Regusci Winery

Angelo Regusci

A vestige of a Napa Valley that once was, Angelo Regusci's thumbprint is on every square inch of our family Ranch.

Born here in 1926 to Gaetano and Livia Regusci, Angelo lived the hardscrabble life of a farmer's son. Like his father, Angelo devoted his life to agriculture. He farmed hay, prunes and corn, ran a dairy and herded beef cattle. When Angelo took over the ranch in the 1960s, he wisely decided to plant Bordeaux grape varieties.

In 1967, Angelo's wife Mary gave birth to their youngest son, Jim. And funny enough, he became a farmer too, just like Dad. Together in 1996, Angelo and Jim established the Regusci Winery in our old historic Occidental Wine Cellar that Angelo's father, Gaetano, purchased in 1932. Angelo would see to it that what the first generation started would continue on to third and future generations

Angelo passed away in 2013, leaving one of the most extraordinarily humbling legacies in all of Napa Valley. Proudly, we offer our flagship Cabernet Sauvignon bearing Angelo's name.