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Regusci Winery


For over a century in the Stags Leap District of Napa Valley, the Regusci name has been synonymous with raising dairy and beef cattle, hogs and turkeys, growing plums, walnuts, corn and most recently, wine grapes; in other words, the Regusci family’s history is and always has been all about farming and ranching. In keeping with our ranching heritage, independence and the love of nurturing growing things, we diversified even further in 2010 with the planting of a new one acre estate culinary garden in front of the Historic 1870s-era winery building.

Our vision started with a large farmhouse kitchen table and what we would expect to see on it at any time of year. We wanted to fill the kitchen table with seasonal vegetables, fruits, citruses, nuts, herbs and flowers and that’s how we approach the planting of the garden. The Regusci estate Chef, Angel Perez, is heavily involved in the planting decisions and uses the garden as menu inspiration for nearly every event we host at the winery. Being impassioned about cooking, Chef not only harvests from the garden on a daily basis, picking what is fresh and ripe each day, but he also preserves, pickles and processes value-added products to make artisanal jams, marmalades and tapenades.

Our garden also truly reflects our continued commitment to agricultural sustainability and our support of the farm to table food movement. We use practices such as crop rotation to maintain soil balance, and all materials used in the garden are approved for organic production. Healthy soil creates healthy plants, without needing artificial inputs.

The diversification of crops on the Ranch creates more ecological stability while also adding character to our Winery and a more satisfying experience for our guests. Regusci Ranch has always produced more than grapes; it has provided for the four generations of Regusci family members who have lived on the estate since 1932. At best, the garden is a natural tie in to show our guests and employees all that the Ranch has to offer.