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Regusci Winery


Sustainability means different things to different people, but to our family, it’s a concept embraced for generations.

Put simply, sustainability is an umbrella term for a number of environmentally friendly and socio-economically responsible practices. At the heart of sustainability is a commitment to the well being of our employees, the economic viability of our business, and most importantly, the health and vitality of the land and natural resources upon which we greatly depend. We always implement sustainable practices, not just on the 289 acres that surround us at the home Ranch, but on the 2,200 acres we farm for others.

Some of our practices include; integrated pest management, release of beneficial insects, nutrient cycling, pasture rotation, use of tertiary (reclaimed) water, composting, recycling of winery rate and use of our many earth-sheltered structures built as early as 1878.

Today, more than ever, at Regusci Ranch, we embrace sustainable farming practices because not only is it the right thing to do, but we’ve done it forever. We also truly believe this philosophy gives our wines the fullest expression of our valley’s history, our family’s heritage and promotes the exceptional terroir of the Stags Leap District.