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This Ranch has many a story to tell

Passed down through four generations, now we’re passing our stories to you!

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Regusci Historical Sketch of Occidental Vineyards

Occidental Wine Cellar

In 1878 noted rancher and budding viticulturalist T.L. Grigsby commissioned JP White to design and build a state-of-the-art winemaking facility for his Occidental Vineyard Ranch. The three-story building was constructed with local stone and designed to take advantage of gravity for winemaking operations. The top floor was used for sorting and crushing grapes hauled in by horses, the middle level for fermentation and the bottom floor for wine storage (cooperage) with original permits showing a winemaking capacity of 250,000 gallons. The landmark winery was eventually shuttered by prohibition and became a ghost winery until Jim and Angelo Regusci revived winemaking on the property in the 1990s.

The Butchery

With their dairy heritage, livestock was an essential part of early life on the Ranch for the Reguscis. But in the 1940s, responding to demand in the community, the second generation added a new enterprise — Countryside Meats. The slaughterhouse and butchery served residents from three surrounding counties. Today the building has been repurposed to offices and a cozy meeting space where family and friends can once again be found gathered around a table.

Regusci Culinary Garden

Culinary Garden

In 2010, Jim’s wife Laura leveraged her passion for agriculture and expertise in sustainable farming to create a bountiful garden that would create greater biodiversity, launching the farm-to-table culinary pursuits on the Ranch. What began with a single acre patch has since grown to include olive groves, citrus orchards, herbs, cut flowers, a large vegetable patch, grain, and a burgeoning heritage livestock program.

Fresh Market Wagon

With a culinary garden in full swing, the Farm Fresh Wagon was created to share the beauty and bounty of the ranch with winery guests and locals in the neighborhood, who are always invited to grab a bag (or bring their own) and fill up on a host of seasonal vegetables and fruits grown on property. Everything offered is has been grown using organically approved farming methods.

regusci historical sketch distillery


The still house was the second portion of TL Grigsby’s vision for the Occidental property. He constructed a still house with the purpose of distilling fruit brandies and eau-de-vies. Affixed to the main Tasting Room, its close proximity makes it the perfect private space for larger groups to enjoy a hosted tasting experience today.

Tasting Room

Three generations of Reguscis used this rugged, timbered space, originally a hay loft, as a hideaway before it was reimagined as the Regusci Winery Tasting Room in 1998. This single-story stone building, part of the original Occidental Winery compound, reveals its age and production process with evidence of hand cut stone masonry. Positioned directly into the side of the slope, the building is always cool even during summer hot spells making it an ideal location to taste Bordeaux varietals. Today guests can taste current release Estate wines inside the historic building, inside the original cellar or outside on the adjacent patio with picturesque views of the Stags Leap District.

Regusci Winery Hay Barn

Scale House

The Scale House was added to the ranch in the 1940s as part of the required infrastructure to support livestock operations on the Ranch. Today the building has been fully restored and converted into office space for the winery’s administrative support team, as well as the Regusci Vineyard Management team.

Regusci Silo


Our Silos were built to support the growing dairy and livestock operations on the ranch. These iconic structures enabled us to store grain effectively and sustain our business. Today they remain on the property as a reminder of our farming beginnings.

Regusci Dairy Truck

J.G. Regusci Dairy Truck

Gaetano Regusci established a thriving dairy business on the ranch in the early 1930s, J.G. Regusci Dairy. This business included a fleet of seven dairy trucks, delivering Grade A Milk to the Napa Valley community.

Regusci Tasting Patio


With 160 of our 286 acres planted to vineyards, our views are one of the most talked about features of the ranch. Our expansive outdoor patio is a sun-soaked oasis where guests can enjoy comfortable seating and blissful experiences.

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