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At the end of the day, life at Regusci is about four ideals

Stewardship, Hard Work, Hospitality & Family


Individual eras come and go, but our connection to the land will always endure.

FDR was president when Gaetano Regusci cashed in his life insurance policy and bought what now comprises the heart of our home ranch, and it’s been in our family ever since. Five generations have been raised here, and Reguscis have worked this piece of the Napa Valley for a century. Our responsibility to this special spot transcends time, and our commitment to the land has always felt bigger than any individual because, in the end, we know that we are simply stewards of this ranch; It was part of our family well before any of us arrived and it will remain part of our history long after we’ve gone.

Hard Work

Farming requires skill, grit, and determination. We have them all.

For generations Reguscis have fixed, built, and raised things from the ground up here and we’re famous for getting stuff done. It’s a hands-on, can-do attitude that has been our way of life for nearly 100 years; it’s all we’ve ever known. To us, working the ranch is a privilege that comes with the family name. It is a responsibility none of us takes lightly, and an honor we all embrace. On a typical day, we rise early and end the day watching the sunset over the valley, while there are a thousand chores and details managed in between. All four seasons come with particular tasks and whether it’s the summer season of entertaining, Fall maintenance in the garden, or Winter pruning in the vineyards, there’s always something happening; and sure, during harvest, it’s a 24/7 operation, but that’s just a tiny slice of the activity on our working ranch.


We only know one way to be: Welcoming.

From the moment you drive through the gates and continue up the long driveway, you’re drawn in by the beauty and timelessness of this place. In every season, guests are greeted by our honor-system farm wagon offering produce from our beautiful and bountiful gardens and we like to think it sets the tone: because when you visit our ranch, you’re family. Our friendly tasting room crew explains, interprets and informs without preaching. In our gardens, we encourage guests to slow down and take a moment to simply admire the majestic views. A visit to our ranch reflects the way we live our lives and the result (we hope) is an experience that is gracious, comfortable, and real.

Three Generations of Reguscis


Five generations. One big family.

Patriarch Gaetano Regusci purchased the parcel that is now the heart of the home ranch in 1932. In the 1960s, Angelo Regusci took over farming from his dad, and fortuitously added vineyards featuring Bordeaux grape varieties to the family’s agricultural pursuits. In 1996 Jim, the youngest son of Angelo and Mary partnered with his dad to introduce winemaking and the rest, as they say, is a work in progress. Jim and Laura Regusci make their home here, along with Jake and Andrew Mendes, Laura’s teenage sons, and James Jr. can often be found in the vineyards accompanied by a dog or two. Jim’s daughter Alicia and her husband Matt Hardin make wine from ranch fruit, and their young sons John and William represent the fifth generation of Reguscis. Jim’s Aunt Isabella still lives in her home on the property and our ranch family extends to include three generations of the Perez family, the Lauritsen family and many others who have grown up here and call it home. Our bonds—with the ranch and with each other—run roots-deep.

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